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The Imitation of Christ - Thomas a Kempis

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The Imitation of Christ - Thomas a Kempis

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Retail Price: $20.95

ISBN: 978-1-936231-05-8

One of the best-loved books of Christianity after the Bible, The Imitation of Christ is a passionate celebration of God and His love, mercy and holiness.  It has inspired conversion and stimulated religious devotion for over five hundred years. With great personal conviction, Thomas à Kempis (1380 - 1471) demonstrates the individual's reliance on God and on the words of Christ, and the futility of life without faith.  In this astonishing work he demonstrates an encompassing understanding of classical phiolosophy and human nature, and his writing speaks to readers of every age and every nation.  Countless saints, including Thomas More, Ignatius of Loyola and St. Therese of Lisieux have loved it and known it by heart...

This dramatic reading by Joseph McClane elevates the listener to a state of overwhelming gratitude for the saving power of God.  With his classic British accent  accompanied by organ and choir at dramatic points, the mysteries of the spiritual
life become actualized and accessible just as if Thomas were still alive to pass on this timeless wisdom in the flesh.  Such a reading makes true what St. Paul says in Romans 10, that "Faith then comes by hearing."