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More Saintly Solutions to Life's Common Problems

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"More Saintly Solutions to Life's Common Problems" is the book that comes after "Saintly Solutions to Life's Common Problems", BUT it is not necessary to read the first book first. This book is a reference book, and it does not have to be read in a specific order whatsoever. The chapters are as follows: 1. Abuse and Neglect 2. Academic Difficulties 3. Anger 4. Criticism 5. Difficulties in praying 6. Distrust in God 7. Eccentricity 8. Failure 9. False Accusations 10. Forgetfulness 11. Gambling 12. Greed 13. Grief 14. Household Duties 15. Imprisonment 16. Insomnia 17. Irritations 18. Legal Problems 19. Lust 20. Marital Problems 21. Mental Illness 22. Physical Deformities 23. Pride 24. Scrupulosity 25. Self-Indulgence 26. Shyness 27. Speech Impediments 28. Spiritual Dryness 29. Spiritual Warfare 30. Stubbornness 31. Uncertainty 32. Un-forgiveness 33. Widowhood.

Chances are you have had one of these problems in the past! Each chapter will contain some examples of saints and how they may have had these problems in their own lives. It has quotes from many different saints, and also a very, very brief biography on each saint is included in the back of the book. (I mean by brief, maybe one or two sentences on average.)

Anyway, this book is a very neat tool to receive helpful advice on various things in life! It's not a 12 -step program that will go into huge depth, but it might just give you that helpful hint you've been waiting for.