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Grieving Together: A Couple's Journey through Miscarriage

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You might feel, in the days and weeks after a miscarriage, like the Lord is anything but close.

Laura and Franco Fanucci understand. After struggling with infertility, they miscarried their third child in the first trimester. Later, their twin daughters were born prematurely and lived only a few days. Laura and Franco are here to tell you that, while your miscarriage is a deeply personal loss, you are not alone.

Grieving Together is written by a couple specifically for couples, understanding that both spouses have experienced a loss and grieve differently. Drawing from Catholic tradition and teaching, Laura and Franco gently guide you through:

  • The physical and emotional experiences of miscarriage - including help in making the hardest decisions
  • How couples respond to grief - and how to support each other
  • Turning to family, friends, and the Church - finding help and support from loved ones and your Church community
  • The future after miscarriage - where to go from here